A short film about family



We are very grateful to the individuals who have contributed towards our budget for Rudie Can’t Fail.

You can see the crowd funding page on Indiegogo here.

The support we’ve received has been amazingly humbling and has instilled an additional determination to make this film the very best it can possibly be. We’re incredibly excited to see what you think of this film once it’s completed, we hope you like it!


Alison Poltock.  Amanda & Bob Crone.  Babsabab.  Ben Parsons. Carla Mackinnon.

Carol Salisbury.  Caroline Ada.  Catherine Long. Charlotte Semlyen.  Chris Taylor.

Christopher Regan.  Cynthia Surrisi.  Daniel & Abi Bobroff.  Daniel Hamilton-Charlton.

David & Dax Thompson-Smyth.  David Pope.  Dawn Sharpless.  Deva Plamier.  Ed Norris.

Edward Falzon.  Eilish Quinn & Clifton Desa.  Elizabeth Jefferson.  Emilie Arnold

Emily Quane. Emma Knight.  Georgia Barrington.  Georgia Parris.  Graham Salisbury.

Harriet Fleuriot.  Helena Miranda.  Jacob Howe-Douglas.  James Barriscale & Tanya Franks

Jene Ashley.  Jennifer May Rhodes.  Jennifer Taylor Lawrence.  John Arundel.

John Dombecki.  Juergen Koenemann.  Julian Miller.  Justin Bateman.  Karen Skinner.

Karli Cibich.  Kate Sullivan.  Kim Smith.  Liam Shannon.  Liz Harkman.  Lou Hussey.

Lou Maitland-Hudson.  Lucy Jefferson & Team Rocheson.  Maria & Thierry Auperin.

Mark Prince.  Max Pugh.  Melanie Mednuik.  Melissa Foreman.  Michael Blyth.

Michael Van Der Put.  Mick Cottam.  Mike Connaris & Mcasso Music.  Mike Jefferson.

Mike Whyte.  Monique & David Smith.  Neil Young.  Pamela Pullen.  Pat Simson.  Patricia Godfrey.

Paul Gowers.  Peter Latham.  Peter May.  Renee Tillott & Tom.  Rochelle De Friend.

Roger Mathey.  Rowena Price.  Ruth Lumley.  Sarah & Dan Cibich.  Sharon Duggal.

Simon Blyth.  Sonia Sebastian Amis.  Steve Davis.  Sylvain Truhaud.  Tania Fullerton.

The Blaine Brothers & Charlie Productions.  TheldUK.  Tricia Tuttle. Udall Evans.  Vicky & Piers Bateman.

Vik Patel.  Will Taylor & Gemma Frost.  Zachary Ord. The Law Firm Network.