A short film about family



We are looking to raise at least £7000.

This money will be spent directly on creating the film including: Cast/Crew/Equipment/Locations/Insurance.
If we raise more than this – every penny of that will also go on the production but focusing on the editing, music, post production and exhibition of the film.

You can see more on our funding page here:

We’ve just announced the fantastic Franklins Brewery Perks!

£25 – A CASE OF FRANKLINS’ BEER  (get it here)

Choose 8 bottles (500ml each) of Franklins Brewery’s delicious “Brighton Rocks” or “Conqueror”. We’ll also THANK YOU on Facebook, Twitter and you’ll be listed on our website supporters page.

£50 – A POLY OF “ENGLISH GARDEN”  (get it here)

A poly is the equivalent of 20lt or 35 pints and English Garden is a bright beer. You’ll also receive an On-Screen credit, listing on the website and a THANK YOU on Facebook and Twitter.

£800 – THE FRANKLINS’ PARTY PERK (get it here)

Franklins Brewery are offering beer, bar set up and the services of a bar man for your party. You get a cask of beer, a bar, the equipment and a member of staff. You’ll also receive an invitation for you and a guest to attend the Cast and Crew screening, an On-Screen Credit, and THANK YOUs across our social media. PLEASE NOTE: Franklin’s Brewery would need to be available on the dates of your party and if you would like the bar stocked with Wine & Spirits this would incur further costs.



It’s not just about money! We understand if you are unable to contribute but if you’d like to help us, here’s a few other ways you can:

Please like our page here on Indiegogo and also like our Fan Page on Facebook

The more people we reach and the more likes we can create mean we’ll have a wonderful audience to show the film to when we have finished it!

Thank you for any help that you can offer in supporting us.