A short film about family


Rudie Can’t Fail is a short film about family.

Annie and her child, Keli, are sunbathing in their back gardens. They’ve lived next door to each other ever since Keli tied the knot with Rudie, the chap next door. Through their shared hedge row they’ve gossiped, argued and discussed their domestic goings  on. Keli’s dad, can’t get his head around the TV remote, nothing new there. But Rudie has been unemployed for the last four years and today is different. Today Rudie has an interview. Rudie can’t fail.






Jeryl Burgess: Annie, The Mother

Nicole Faraday: Keli No.1, The Daughter

Karl Kennedy-williams: Keli No.2, The Son



Writer: Anna Jefferson

Director: Joe Bateman

Producers: Diana Juhr De Benedetti, Andromeda Godfrey

Director Of Photography: Eben Bolter

Camera Assistant: A.J. Golesworthy

Production Designer: Amy Nicholson

1st AD: Dom Davey

Production Manager: Martyn Holmes

Sound Designer: Antonis Tsoukatis

Editor: Maria Valente

Animator: Leo Crane

Make Up: Veronica Bentley

Wardrobe: Echo Godfrey Simson

Stills Photography: Veronica Trickett


Post Production: Envy

Post Producer: Kate George

Assistant Post Producer: Hayley Dexter

Colourist: Danny Wood

Online: Adam Grant


VFX: Double Negative

VFX Producer: Paul Jones

VFX Coordinator: Emma Bew

VFX Compositor: Dan Alterman

VFX Compositor: Eleanor Rogers


Production Runners: Zachary Carl Ord; Ace Godfrey; Lelia Juhr-debenedetti; Reuben Bastienne